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What are the Basics of a Great Website Design?

Imagine you finally working on a dream project you have been waiting on about starting a new website design project for the company, when you only find yourself staring at a blank paper or blank Photoshop canvas. Irksome, isn’t it? It is common to suffer from design mental blocks, but listed below are some basic principles that will help you gain some inspiration, ideas to remove your creative block.

  1. Client feedback

This is the most important factor when it comes to website design projects. You might have a great idea in your mind for the project you are about to work on, but also consider that those ideas are primarily subjective in the first place. Solicit some important input from your clients before beginning the project. You can consider them asking these questions.

  • What does your organization represent?
  • What products and/or services does your organization offer?
  • Does the company have a logo or any kind of branding identity?
  • What is the overall objective of your website?

  • Who are your competitors and what works for them?
  • Any design or color preferences?
  • What is the target audience and demographics of your organization?
  1. Good versus bad web design

Communication plays a vital role in making a website. You don’t want a functional website that looks terrible or isn’t compatible with the branding identity of your client. Also, you don’t want to create an appealing website but is inaccessible to the audience. Always work on creating a balance in order to make the website appealing and user-friendly at the same time. The main navigation menu should always be visible and every tab or link should have a descriptive title.

  1. Overall Website Design Cohesiveness

Try your best to maintain an underlying theme on all your webpages, including the scope of work which requires your efforts to design some pages to be dramatically different. By paying heed to this, you can help tie in and support the design of the overall website altogether.

  1. Keep it simple yet efficient

Most of the websites have similar structures. The top left bears a logo, menus are horizontally aligned or in the left column and content acting as a focal point of the webpage. There are a variety of ways to organize the elements on a web page, only a few rely on your intuitive abilities. Aim to keep the website simple, yet efficient.

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