Identity And Access Management – Why Is It Required Under GDPR Compliance?

70% of the corporate employees have unauthorized access to confidential business data. Be it intentionally or by mistake, the employee access and authority have brought about a big trouble to the corporate entities. When talking about data protection and regulation, before handling the outside breach it is crucial to monitor the in-house data protection.

As per the rising fraud and internet crimes, the most listed under the corporate structure have been because of the internal failures. This gives rise to the importance of Identity and Access Management as one of the prime concerns of GDPR compliance.

Security challenges to be dealt!

Corporate structure lacks to a great extent in implementing a good security system for data protection against employees. The Segregation of Duty, as a concept, does not exist in many corporate resulting in availability of corporate data to each and every employee. Moreover about 30% of the past employees still exist in the books with their login IDs still working. Unmonitored access rights, access of files etc are largely ignored which leads to breach of data and misuse. The threat to security rises with more employees accessing important files without getting tracked on the system.

Security of confidential business data

Having a transparent IT security in a corporate environment is very important to build about a strong data protection system. Understanding the security risks, authorization, access patterns etc brings about a clear picture of what threads a business data is into. By looking into the employee behavior and free form of access available, a company can up with their IT security system to ensure that data is protected from misuse. Here IAM system brings in the security through regulated login IDs, reviewed passwords and limited access to the system.

A full-proof IAM system

Identity and Access Management system is all about granting the right access to the right person. Here the employees are granted access to data based on their roles. There is strict monitoring of the employee behavior, their authorization and access patterns to safeguard the company from toxic connections. A full proof IAM system enables the company to report any unauthenticated access or violation of rights on the system. Therefore bringing about a data protection system that stays loyal to not just the company but the customers too!

Identity and Access Management system brings in GDPR compliance saving in the company from hefty fines that might rise on them with the risk exposure of the company!

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