How Are Robots Making Our Lives Easier?

Robots are not only making our lives easier in the workplace, they are set to make it easier at home as well. There are people who consider housework therapeutic and love to scrub and clean all day. Many people, however, would not say no to a life free of domestic chores such as doing the dishes or mowing the lawn.

The market for robots is already huge as it is. Many industries have recognized their usefulness and the machines have quickly become a necessity in industries such as manufacture and motor vehicle assembly.  However, the need for them continues to grow. Some of the questions companies such as Universal Robots field quite frequently have to do with the possibility of having robot helpers in the home.

You must have come across people who get so attached to their cars that they have names for them. The same thing happens with robots. It is possible to walk into a manufacturing plant and hearing workers speaking fondly of ‘Jim’, only to realize that Jim is a collaborative robot. One wonders if the makers of ‘Alexa’ had the same fond notions when they named the robot thus.

It is expected that personal robots or those that are used at home would have the same effect on their owners. You might hear your neighbor yell at Benjamin’ and wonder about the new addition to the family. You will then find out that Benjamin is the lawnmower!

Working closely with the robots every day, you are bound to build some sort of a relationship. However, if your bot is not easy to operate, you might relate with it the way would with a pesky workmate.

Robots with Many Talents

Engineers are constantly working to improve the quality of robots that they release into the market. The domestic robot for example is expected to be multitalented in that it can perform a variety of tasks efficiently. That way, a homeowner will not be required to buy many robots for different types of domestic tasks. The next crop of robots is therefore expected to be:

  • Versatile
  • Communicative: via use of words, facial expressions and gestures
  • Easy to operate and program

This robot is also expected to perform such tasks as:

  • Serving drinks
  • Clearing the table
  • Watering flowers
  • Ironing
  • Cooking simple meals
  • Setting the table

These are simple chores that can be time-consuming for the busy professional who is trying to catch up on some work at home or the freelancer who works from home. With a robot that can take up most of the household chores, you will be in a position to dedicate more hours to work. You can even have some time off for leisure activities. Most of the time you spend your leisure time trying to catch up on the chores.

Multiple Applications 

You may find one type of robot that can be programmed for different applications. For instance, you will find it in a house doing chores, in a shop greeting customers and helping them park their shopping or in a hotel as the concierge.

Engineers are also working on developing an android that can perform simple gardening tasks such as planting seedlings, weeding, harvesting and even watering. The robot is simply fitted out with the necessary software and hardware. This would go a long way in assisting the busy homeowner to keep their garden looking great even if they can barely spare time for it themselves.

Robots are indeed making life easier for humans both at the work front and at the home front. They take over everyday tasks that would otherwise keep you too occupied to pursue other interests such as work, gym or even just resting up after a hard day’s work. Having a robot that can perform multiple tasks is especially useful because you can have one easy to program robot servant that can do what tasks you need done in the house or in the office.

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