Common CRM Implementing Errors Dealers Need To Avoid

Often, dealers feel that even after they invested in a quality CRM system, their sales figure is not close to they had aimed for. There is hardly any enhancement visible in their operations. At times, their sales rep are not even employing the CRM. Therefore, they start blaming the CRM system for this failure but in majority of cases it is the users who are making errors operating the CRM system, which is triggering issues at the dealership.

How dealership miss opportunities to make the most from their CRM software?

Unaware about the processes

For efficient CRM performance it is necessary to establish a process and train staff to operate the CRM solution. It will help to ensure constant interaction with consumers and leads. Lack of understanding means staff will be unable to complete the CRM tasks leading to important flux in consumer satisfaction. This mistake at ground level lowers the sales conversion percentage.

Lack of responsibility

Without follow-up from the management, employees will not be held accountable. The application of auto dealer CRM use will never be prioritized throughout dealership. Thus the acuity that whether CRM is used or not does not matter will dominate in the minds of the employees. This will cause decline in usage of CRM and poor results.

Making process very complex

Some dealerships have designed a process but the employees need to go through many steps, which makes it hard for them to follow-up on the leads. Overdue tasks in CRM system can make your staff loose critical opportunities, while they jump through the hoops. With simplified and streamlined process, staff can get better engagement as well as effective results.

Not entering each lead in the CRM

Leads excluded from CRM are those, who are in early stages of vehicle buying process or still not ready for purchase. Actually, these are very critical clients that has to be entered in the CRM system because proper follow-up can possibly convert into an appointment and finally, a sale.

Ignoring next purchase

A potent CRM software is designed to help dealership manage entire customer sales cycle right from initial interest to ownership to next purchase. Lifetime customers can be created and if you are ignoring this then you are losing on future sales opportunity. It will cost ten time more to get new customer in comparison to selling to an existing one.

Review your processes to ensure they are realistic and precise. Collaborate with your staff and hold each one accountable. There is no rapid fix for the above issues but start from top and successfully move one step forward. Soon your team will start reaping rewards of using CRM system efficiently.

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