CCTV Surveillance and Use of Drones: What You Need to Know?

Security systems have become a need for every place irrespective of the geographical location. Advancements in security systems have brought us to the day where we can see the live footage of the camera from anywhere on the earth. If you thought this is it, probably you haven’t heard about aerial surveillance systems yet. Yes, gone are those days when CCTV was considered to be the best surveillance system to protect the property. Now, even the potential malware-deterrent CCTV systems are being replaced with drone surveillance systems.

CCTV surveillance systems are known for their latest advancements like real-time feed, remote control, video analytics, and other features. They are being used indoors and outdoors as a security measure. It looks like these cameras will soon be replaced by drones that will capture the footage from high altitude.

Drone surveillance systems capture the pictures or video footage of the target from an altitude above the area. They have incredible capabilities like tolerance towards harsh environmental conditions, ability to fly for a long time, small size, and are not accessible for an intruder.

Normal CCTV surveillance systems have capabilities like face recognition, vehicle number plate recognition, other objects recognition, tracking technologies, and computer vision. The highlighting feature of drone security systems is that they have all these features that are a part of a CCTV system.

These drones can be bought by anybody. However, there is a limitation to the availability of drones for private usage based on the weight of the drone. Drone surveillance systems weighing more than 35 kg need special permits for private usage. Fight operation certificates have to be provided by the owner before buying a drone security system that weighs more than 35 kg. Also, you are not authorized to install these cameras within 2 miles of an airport and have a barring of 400ft.

Drones were already being used at the borders by the army. Now the technology is available for private use as well. The technology has been developed to a great extent in the recent few years.

The usage of drones is becoming quite widespread as the security issues are increasing day by day.  Adding an eye to the sky over your property is an incredible idea that has finally come true. If you want the best surveillance system, you should definitely consider trying drone surveillance system to protect your property and assets.

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