3 Of The Proven Benefits To Using Interactive SMS Marketing In Malaysia

In today’s modern business world, it is becoming harder and harder to reach the customers that you need. In the past, it was all about Television and radio advertising, but that is no longer the case and more people are using the Internet to find the products and services that they want. Companies are now realising that in order to market what they want to sell, they need to reach people on their devices. If you walk down any high street in any city in Malaysia, you will see almost everyone with their head buried in their smartphone. They only look up to maybe cross the road safely and then the head is down and they are back, looking at their social media sites.

Figures show that the average Malaysian checks their phones at least 85 times a day and that is for the average user. The number of people that own a mobile device in Malaysia is rising every year and it is going to rise and rise. In order for companies to keep up with their potential customers needs, they need to change their marketing game and engage Malaysia customers with Interactive SMS. There are huge opportunities to be had when businesses use this important marketing tool. Here are just some of the benefits of interactive SMS marketing.

  1. It has a fantastic open rate when you compare it to the other means that a number of companies currently use. The open rate for text messages is an astounding 98 per cent and when you compare that to emails, for example, that is a massive difference. People generally received SMS messages from friends and family and so they open messages when they get them.
  1. There is little competition currently with interactive SMS messaging and it is massively under-utilised at present. At the moment, only 21 per cent of Malaysian companies choose to reach their customers this way and so it is far from saturation point. Now is the time to use it and it would be a great opportunity if companies would take advantage of it.
  1. Sending interactive texts engage the customer and they are personal to them and also relevant. If you provide the customer with the things that they are most interested in, then they are more likely to read the message and use the product or service. The chick-through rate for email marketing is about 4 percent, but when you compare that with the click-through rate for interactive SMS marketing, then it is an impressive 36 per cent and that’s pretty good.

Interactive SMS marketing allows you to reach customers who are not using the internet as well. Many people are still reluctant to embrace the genius of the Internet in Malaysia and companies need to be able to reach these customers as well. SMS is a more reliable channel to get past the spam filter and if your text doesn’t look spammy, then it’s very likely to make it to your potential customer’s inbox.

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